How to pose for a quick click (for the non-model type!)

Brooke Posnock (’17) and Daniella Datnow (’17) share a candid laugh. Photo by Alex Hansen (’17)

By Amber Bartlett (’18)

  1. Angle your face. This trick creates nice shadows on your face, which can make you look slimmer and defined on camera.
  2. Twist your upper body and your head a smidge and angle your arms. Try looking in the mirror to experiment with some poses.
  3. If you can’t turn, casually cross one foot in front of the other. This changes your stance so that your body is forward and creates the illusion of smaller hips.
  4. Don’t copy your friend’s poses. Try switching it up by choosing a pose that compliments your friends’ poses.
  5. Relax your face. Easier said than done, but a tense face creates a tense picture.
  6. Posture is key. Posture. Posture. Posture.
  7. Keep your arms away from your body. Always elongate your appearance by putting your arms out slightly.
  8. Don’t force your smile. Don’t think about it. Let your smile come naturally.
  9. Smile with your eyes. When you engage your eyes when you smile, it makes you look more genuine.
  10. Tell the picture-taker to back up away from you to fit the background in.

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