The community unites under sparkling lights.

By Amber Bartlett (’18)

Just a few nights ago, our campus was opened to proud parents, enthused teachers, and motivated students who mingled and schmoozed with colleagues and friends. Parents, pulled by their kids, rushed from one classroom to another, struggling to take a breath. SDJA musicians, including Casey Kroll (‘17), took to the stage to impress guests.

Parents and students alike mingle near the office. Photo: Amber Bartlett (’18)

Expectations were high and preparation was tough for teachers. Mr. Prohoroff had to leave statistics class early in the morning to help out with last minute details. He admitted, “the last hour was stressful to finish [setting up] on time.”

Although the preparations were time-constrained, the Lions stood proud and with little error when the clock struck 6:30. A fairly new student, Sagie Shpigelman (‘18), wore his Lion pride on his sleeve. He smiled, “I think the night is going very well and that the parents like what they have seen.” Leading Lion Ambassador Sebastian Mayer (‘18), had similar thoughts on the night. He joked, “I don’t think there is any reason for all of the Jews in San Diego not to go here.”

Prospective students stood proud as SDJA Lion Ambassadors greeted them. Mayer remarked about how it was “really interesting to get a perspective of the incoming students” because he was one of them a couple years ago. Mia Hansen (‘20) and Alan Galicot (‘19) welcomed guests through the gate with colorful flyers.

Not only were students impressed by the night, but parents were busting their buttons, too. Shari Schenk, former SDJA president, who has been to twenty-two open houses, declared: “I always love coming to school and seeing all of the wonderful work the students do.”

The legendary Morah Yedid had many new and old faces visiting the Hebrew room. She took a moment to compliment her students, “the students have done a perfect job, worked very hard, and the results were beautiful.” Overall, pride was the word of the night as the community came together to share what makes SDJA special.

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