Make some space in your schedule to see this science fiction romance film that touches on themes of young love and self discovery in a futuristic manner.

By Alex Hansen ’17

The Space Between Us is a film that was newly released on February 3. Directed by Peter Chelsom, the big stars are Britt Robertson, Asa Butterfield, and Gary Oldman. Upon researching the movie, I noticed that it received 16% on Rotten Tomatoes, and was said that it “will send all but the most forgiving viewers eye-rolling for the exits.” Along with a few friends, I decided to go see for myself if the star-crossed lover protagonists in a science fiction plot would be too cheesy to handle, or just enough to make me tear up.


This movie was a solid 7/10 stars, because although the plot was somewhat predictable, the futuristic world and romance kept the audience interested.

The Space Between Us is a science fiction/fantasy movie with a run time of two hours. The main character, Gardner, grapples with having to grow up on Mars among scientists while yearning to go to Earth where he can meet his only friend, a girl named Tulsa. However, because he was born on Mars, Gardner has health conditions that restrain him from truly experiencing Earth. Nevertheless, he breaks out of the laboratories and he and Tulsa embark on an adventure to the coast in search of Gardner’s father.

Baylee Swidler (‘17) enjoyed the ending, which you’ll have to go discover for yourself. Swidler’s least favorite part were the sad scenes where the “disappointment gave me a pit in my stomach.”

On the other hand, Sophia Keller (‘17) loved how “the movie depicted what life on Mars would be like” and also thought that “the technological advancements” made the movie feel appropriately “futuristic.” One thing that Sophia, Baylee, and I all agreed on is that the plot was quite predictable because of the way the characters interacted with one another at the beginning.

I enjoyed the way that the science fiction, adventure, and romance were intertwined. Yes, there were some cheesy parts– like how the main characters fell in love in some 48 hours– but overall, the movie was not only heartwarming but enjoyable. I didn’t find myself checking the time, rather I enjoyed all 121 minutes of the feature film.

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