Celebrating a season filled with improvement

By Sophia Muroff (’18)

SDJA’s Women’s Varsity Basketball team has greatly improved this past winter season. Despite what it seems from their overall 7-10 record, the Lady Lions were able to improve their skills, attitudes, and ability to work as a team.

Reaching for the rebound. Photo: Alexei Prohoroff

The team’s goal to be Ocean League Champions drove them towards individual and team-wide improvement. Brooke Posnock (‘17), team captain, said, “Once we got a few practices in, we were able to flow as a team so well.” Maya Sharf (‘19) also commented, “I think our team made a lot of progress in teamwork, shooting, and passing the ball around.”

Posnock felt honored to lead the team, saying, “I am lucky to have been the captain for such an amazing team.” She was also able to improve herself, saying that being captain “pushed [her] to not only be a better player physically, but to control [her] emotions better on the court.”

Brooke Posnock (’17) looks to inbound the ball. Photo: Alex Hansen (’17)

New additions were freshmen Sarah Weiss, Sharon Cohen, Maya Baltinester, Mia Hansen, and junior Yaam Gonen. Freshman Maya Baltinester felt the change from playing on a middle school team to on a high school team, creating the sport with showing her how to balance schoolwork and sports. Many people also feel that playing sports is a great way to get their mind off the stresses of their schoolwork. Sophomore Maya Sharf said, “It’s actually a pretty good stress relief and helps me keep my mind off school, but it’s also a big time commitment.”

After last season, Women’s Varsity Basketball is ready to go into their next season with the skills they need to do even better. Rachel Kornberg (‘19) said, “I like our progress and am excited to see where it goes.”

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