By: Sophia Muroff (‘18)

Vegan emissary, dog enthusiast, bookworm, world traveler, founder of Dorfanism, and overall flower-child Samantha Dorfan has risen to power as the 2017-2018 Student Government President. Not only is her favorite color baby blue, but she has a strange obsession with her dog, Zak. She continuously puts the “T” in teamwork and the “N” in nerd.

Sitting in Precalculus, Sammi squeezed the hand of her close friend as Mrs. F announced the Student Government elects. Her class erupted into applause when she finally announced that Sammi Dorfan, the girl who walked into the

Duty calls and Sammi answers. Photo: Amber Bartlett (’18)

boy’s bathroom on her first day at SDJA, had won the presidential election. When looking back on this moment, Sammi said, “I was overcome by happiness, more happiness probably than I’ve never felt in my life, although the moments before were probably the most nerve racking.”

The three pillars of her campaign- positivity, creativity, and festivity- promote school spirit and the happiness of every student. She plans on “making a homecoming game like [event] out of one sports game for every season.” She also plans on creating “SammiCare,” a new tradition of having something to comfort students during finals week like ice cream.

Sammi’s enormous love for the environment has led her to create Eco Club, where she has another presidential position. “I do plan on incorporating my love for the environment into my presidency and I hope to instill my love to my counterparts.” The members of the Eco Club are working on making SDJA more environmentally friendly.

Sammi is excited to watch and help her fellow Student Government members blossom into productive members of their society. She says, “I think before making any drastic change the best thing to do is to help the new members of Student Government kind of assimilate because it is a big change.” Sammi is excited to enhance her senior year by working with her Student Government counterparts and the Administration to make the changes that she and all SDJA students want.

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