What’s cookin’ good lookin’?

By Sophia Muroff (’18)

1. Hawaiian shirts: Channel your inner dad by wearing one of these fashionable and breathable button up shirts! Find your favorite pattern and color scheme and you’ll be on your way to becoming the trendiest beach goer as far as the eye can see.

7. Platform slides: One would think that every fashionable teenager owns a pair of casual slides. Take the athleisure trend to the next level by wearing platform slides, perfect for your prom night or a night out with friends. Get extra style points by wearing a pair of athletic socks with them!

5. Extreme Crop Tops: These shirts are so small that you would think that they would be half priced. These crop tops are the perfect cover up for a bikini top, and nothing else. You can wear these tiny tops to perfect your tan while staying covered up, to some extent at least.

6. Moth bitten shirts: These shirts are perfect for those who like to go for the homeless aesthetic. You can wear one with a pair of ripped jeans, old sneakers, and a messy bun to get 10/10 aesthetic points.

3. Corset Belt: Corsets are usually associated with Victorian fashion and the Kardashians’ obsession with waist training. But because of the belt’s far less physically constraining nature, the corset belt has come into the limelight as a flattering accessory for any situation. Pair one of these with a loose shirt or dress and you’ll be good to go!

2. Bodysuits: Return to your days spent living as an innocent, happy baby by wearing one of these patterned bodysuits. With the multitude of patterns that are available, it’s certain that you’ll find one that’s perfect you! These can be worn under shorts, jeans, and skirts where your shirt is automatically tucked in.

8. Off the shoulder: This graceful shirt type shows that you are chill enough to shrug off not only the fabric that would normally cover your shoulders but also the stress of your impending return to school. This elegant neckline makes anyone look like a princess, whether you’re wearing a casual beach coverup or a gorgeous gown.

9. Band t-shirts: Finding the cutest design on these printed t-shirts isn’t a hard task with the tremendous amount of bands on offer. With choices like the “legendary” AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and David Bowie, it’s guaranteed that you will find the perfect shirt for you!

4. Mesh: Who needs clothes that actually cover you? Stay cool in the summer heat with this holey pattern! Get extra style points if you end the day with a gnarly tan line that makes it look like you’re always wearing mesh.

10. Rompers: Both guys and gals can rock this convenient yet troublesome one piece outfit! Take some thought out of choosing an outfit with these casually fancy pieces. However, make sure you have a nice bathroom to use if you choose to wear one of these because it’s definitely going to take longer than usual.


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