By Amber Bartlett (‘18)

9:00 pm. The dance floor was dead and teachers were waiting to greet prom-goers. At 9:43 pm people began to show up at the door of The Loft at UCSD. Maybe it was because Google Maps guided them incorrectly? Or maybe they all just wanted to make a fashionable entrance?

A glimpse of some of the decor that embellished The Loft at UCSD. Photo: Sammi Dorfan (’18)

The lights dimmed, the cardboard green cut out of the Statue of Liberty glared at the latecomers, and twenty warm pizzas were ready to be devoured.

This year, students attended prom with high hopes for a magical evening. Daniella Datnow (‘17) became sentimental when discussing the upcoming event, “I think what I’m looking forward to is being able to have time with my grade. I have very few opportunities left to have structured times with my grade so I’m looking forward to spending time with my classmates that I may not have thought to seek out plans with.”

Ben Newfield (‘19) discusses how “the location seems better than it has been in the past.” However, Sebastian Mayer (‘18) believes that “SDJA only values the concept of…prom. The whole idea is intriguing but the actual prom isn’t what is captivating to people, it is the idea of it.” As a matter of fact, this seems to be the consensus among many students. They are intrigued by promposals and expensive gowns and lose themselves in the moment. They care too much about materialism and very little about the actual experience. Renee Quiroz, (‘18) confirmed that  “SDJA does not value prom. We only look forward to the after parties and not the actual dance.”

Nevertheless, our virtuous president, Sammi Dorfan (‘18) and her trusted prom committee did everything in their power to make prom a memorable experience for all involved. They planned thoughtfully according to the theme, New York City, which Ariela Artenstein (‘19) believes is “exciting, inviting, and grasping.” President Dorfan went to great trouble to organize all the details, including the voting process for prom king and queen.

Our prom court was composed of the lovely senior girls: Alex Hansen, Sophia Keller, and Brooke Posnock and the dashing young men: Jordan Battaglia, Alex Cohen, and Elliot Muller. To ‘Queen’ Keller’s surprise, her name was called and she received a dazzling white sash. She commented, “I was super surprised and I didn’t think I would ever win. It just hadn’t come across my mind. I’m thankful for the support from my friends.” ‘King’ Cohen’s face also grew animated as Dorfan announced his name.

All things considered, prom was a marvelous dance party to some of the most popular songs such as “Despacito.” The students stayed later into the night than they had during past events and people felt free to let loose and look silly. SDJA, prom is finally becoming “beast.”

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