By Sophia Muroff (’18)

The one week in the school year that every student looks forward to has long passed and the excitement has simmered down. With the spirit days and the victories from many of the teams, SDJA students felt proud to be Lions, and showed it with their participation in a variety of activities throughout the week. Even though a dance was out of the books because of the Jewish holidays that come during that time of year, the Lions kept their spirits high.

At the beginning of the week, Madeline Ramirez (‘21) predicted that nobody would dress up, but she later saw that they did. With five days of dress up prompts, students had the freedom to choose which looks they wanted to embrace. Like many students, Jonathan Bielaz (‘18) was most excited about pajama day.

IMG_5411 (1)
SDJA Lion strikes a pose at the homecoming football game: Photo: Gabi Wellman (’20)

Throughout the week, students went from being sluggish sweatpants sporters to perky “tacky tourists” wearing bright hawaiian shirts and bucket hats with binoculars hanging around their necks. Vivienne Blackburn (‘19) said, “I wish more people from my grade would have dressed up.” Even though some of the more spirited students were disappointed by the performance of some of the other students, it seemed that almost everyone went all out for SDJA spirit day.

(Left to right) Sammi Dorfan (’18), Sebastian Mayer (’18), and Sharon Cohen (’18) show off their goofy sides on Tacky Tourist Day. Photo: Gaby Wellman (’20)

Football player Nico Kohan (‘21) was the most excited for spirit day because he felt that everyone would be dressed up in support of the teams.“I love seeing people cheering for me, it doesn’t make me play better, but it makes me feel good,” Kohan (‘21) commented.

Despite the good turnout to the football game, volleyball players felt a little ignored in the gym. Player Vivienne Blackburn (’19) feels that having people come to support them is nice but it’s also a lot of pressure. “What matters is that we [try] and have fun,” she assured.

Even though homecoming week was atypical for our school, SDJA students still found ways to express their pride as Lions.



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