By Ariela Cohen (’21)

School is not a fashion show, it is an institution whose purpose is to educate students; a place where they can acquire knowledge from teachers which provides the opportunity for discipline, study, and perseverance. The question is whether these opportunities would be enhanced by the uniformity of student attire. Uniforms could help maintain attention and benefit SDJA by exhibiting unity, preventing bullying, and providing students with more sleep.

Wearing this ‘ideology’ at school would build a sense of pride towards SDJA. We would look and maybe even all feel more unified. Jessica Podolsky (‘20) states, “I would enjoy this change. It’s way of showing spirit toward the school and would demonstrate equality.”

Uniforms have the potential to increase the number of hours of sleep students get by allowing them wake up later. Some students take up an insane amount of time in the morning picking out outfits. However, if SDJA adopts uniforms, students would know beforehand what they are going to wear the next day. As Tali Gold (’20) shared, “This would take unnecessary stress out of my day and would make me feel less overwhelmed. I could get in a better breakfast and in the aftermath, be more focused in class.” Uniforms could indeed help prevent those unintentional mid-class naps.

All  students at GMLS, Tali Fabian, Daniela Hazan, Gabriela Duek, Nadine Swartzblat, and Aliza Gold (Grade 4) show what fashion could look like in the high school. Photo: Ariela Cohen (’21)

Another potential pro of uniforms includes preventing bullying. Hannah Moel (‘20) questioned, “Uniforms would make everyone feel equal or the same, right? Or, at least feel or be less judged?” If Moel is correct, then uniforms could boost self-esteem and enhance social safety at school.

Samantha Veinbergs (‘21) and Geena Benson (’21) are concerned about the prospect of adopting uniforms and say, “We don’t think that uniforms are a good idea. They would prevent students from expressing themselves at school.” Josh Miller (’21) adds, “I wouldn’t be allowed to wear my exercise clothes at school.”

Though many high school students recognize the potential benefits of never having to choose another outfit for school, there seems to be a general lack of desire for uniformity. Students would rather go to sleep later, wake up earlier, and eat less breakfast than have their ability to express themselves taken away.

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