SDJA’s first high school drama class captures the hearts of students. 

By Nathaniel Mannor (’21)

Every B-day whether it’s the first class of the day or the very last, SDJA students are ready to improvise. Improv isn’t an ordinary class with tests and quizzes, but rather a space to help students grow. Improv instructor Sean Cox explained, “The school was looking to expand and grow the drama department and they thought that Improv was a great idea for a first drama class for high school.”

The few students in the class appreciate the attempt to enhance SDJA’s theater program as well as the unique nature of the class. Kayla Schwartzberg (‘21) says, “I really enjoy acting and it was the only theater class offered in high school.” All students come to class smiling and see their lack of a script not as a barrier, but rather as a source of empowerment.

Geena Benson (‘21) and Ron Gneezy (‘21) playing Job Interview. Photo: Nathaniel Mannor (‘21)


There is a wide variety of games that the Improv students enjoy each class period, such as Debate, Job Interview, and Bus Stop. One of the class’s all time favorites is Good/Bad/Ugly Advice. The way the game is played is that one person asks the panel a question and one person gives good advice, another shares their “middle of the road” advice, and the last person gives everyone a good laugh with their terrible advice that one should never actually take. “My favorite person to be for Good/Bad/Ugly advice is bad advice because that’s the kind of advice that makes everybody laugh out loud,” explains Ron Gneezy (‘21).

Composed entirely of freshmen, the Improv class is eager to put on their production of everybody’s favorite, Seinfeld! They’re bringing back all of your favorite characters such as Jerry played by Kayla Shwartzberg (‘21),  Kramer played by Ron Gneezy (‘21), Elaine played by Geena Benson (‘21),  and George played by Nathaniel Mannor (‘21). “I really enjoy the chance to play the most eccentric character in Seinfeld, especially how Kramer makes an entrance,” shares Gneezy (‘21).

Students are getting anxious about registering for next year’s classes but cannot move on without recognizing the place Improv held in their hearts this year. “Improv really affected my life because it made me quick on my feet,” Shwartzberg (‘21) shares. Others thank Improv for dissolving their shyness. Geena Benson (‘21) says, “Being in Improv makes me not scared to act and be on stage.”

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