The Cubs take the “W” in the 2016 World Series.

By Jacob Polacheck (’17)

After a 108 year championship drought, the Chicago Cubs made history, winning the 2016 World Series in dramatic fashion. In a series that went to seven games, the last “winner take all” game certainly lived up to the hype. “It kept me on the edge of my seat,” said Max Feinswog (‘17), “It was such an incredible game.”

This series captured the attention of many SDJA students, even those that don’t usually follow the sport, like Josh Glasser (‘17) who comments that “Although I’m not much of a baseball fan, watching the Cubs break the curse inspires me to do the impossible.”

Despite their inability to win a world series in more than a century, the Cubs were the favorite to win the World Series all season. However, even fans of the team couldn’t have expected this result. After losing time and time again, fans still kept hope, including Jacob Berkson (‘17), who said, “There’s no words to explain the Cubs winning the World Series. We witnessed the greatest sports story close a chapter in a book that started 109 years ago.”

There is no doubt that Cubs fans across the country are happy to revel in this victory, while many are just happy to not “hear about the curse anymore” as Evan Levine (‘19) states.

The future looks bright for this young Cubs team. Levine is hopeful that the Cubs “will be good for years to come.” Led by General Manager Theo Epstein, the Cubs have shown continual improvement in the last few years, building off a stellar farm system.

“People have waited 71 years to even see the Cubs in a World Series again, but now, we can tell our children that we witnessed a World Series victory,” explained Berkson.

There is no doubt that this 2016 World Series has been one of the most memorable of all time, but for the Cubs, there should be many more to come. Many agree: this is just the beginning.

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