Isis terrorists injure and kill dozens on London citizens twelve days after Manchester attack. 

By Gabriel Kucinski (’18)

ISIS has officially claimed responsibility for the three terrorists that led the London, attack on Saturday, June 3rd, calling them a “detachment of Islamic State fighters.”

President Donald Trump spoke out about the Manchester attack, which occurred on May twenty-second, leaving 22 people dead and dozens injured. He called the terrorists who led this attack, “evil losers in life.”

Though the label aroused controversy, calling the murder-orchestrators “losers” was very effective. Their purpose was to kill as many defenseless citizens as they could and their intention, to be remembered as “monsters.” Trump cleverly took the label they longed for and turned it into something so much more accurate; calling the killers “losers” implies that they accepted defeat, and that violently taking the lives of so many innocent people doesn’t in any way make them successful.

Less than two weeks after the Manchester attack, another set of ISIS-associated losers led an equally as brutal attack in London.

The three attackers drove a van over London Bridge just after 10 P.M., aiming to crush pedestrians. Reaching the end of the bridge, the men ran out of the van with large knives, which they used to stab everyone they could, including those entering restaurants and bars.

Eight London policemen shot 50 bullets at the terrorists, because they wore what appeared to be suicide vests over their thobes. One Englishman ran between the policemen and the three attackers, and is currently being treated in a London hospital. After ensuring the attackers’ neutralization, policemen found the vests to be fake, which implies that the terrorists wore the vests with the intention of being killed rather than caught.

The officers declared seven people dead and forty-eight injured. Thirty-six victims, two of whom are police officers, have been treated in London hospitals since last Sunday. Twenty-one are in critical condition.

Sick ISIS ruffians celebrated the attack and England has stayed strong, responding with peace and increasing the number of patrolling police officers.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has finally realized something has got to be done about the high tolerance level of Islamist extremism in Britain, vowing to prevent and restrain further terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom. She claims that policemen have suppressed five major terror plots since the Westminster bridge attack, which occurred on the twenty-second of March.

London police initiated raids last Sunday morning, in Barking, east London (home to one of the attackers), where they arrested twelve people, of whom they’ve released one.

A few days ago, gunfire was heard in Dagenham. Thankfully heavily-armed policemen detained all those linked to the attack during raids.

We, students at the San Diego Jewish Academy, should be cautious of recent events. We shouldn’t take our current safety for granted. Instead, we should begin to acknowledge the attacks in Europe, and to empathize with all of the victims. Ultimately, we should stay strong, and keep in mind that there are gates and guards protecting our school, helping to prevent anything like what happened thrice in England, this year alone.

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