By Moriah Seymann (’19)

For the first time in San Diego Jewish Academy’s history, varsity girls tennis won the title of League Champions after a victory over Tri-City Christian on October 16th, 2018.

This victory was not just a stroke of luck, the team worked hard all season. Maya Silberstein (‘21) says that their success stemmed from how they “consistently showed up to matches regardless of what was happening.” Alice Nahmad (‘19) says, “I have been practicing a lot and it has really been reflected in my matches. My serve is better and I have almost no double faults.”

The dedication the girls put in was matched by the emotional support each teammate contributed. Silberstein says, “as a doubles player, the key thing is cheering on your teammates and making sure they are okay because tennis is very much a team sport.”

Their League Championship game was full of enthusiasm and new experiences. Kelsey Grolman (‘21) says that the game was exciting. “Daniela and I played a tiebreaker,” she says, “I had never played a tiebreaker before.” With the added pressure, the team made sure to show extra support. Silberstein says, “what helped us succeed was not losing hope during matches, and people cheering us on.”

Not only did the team finish the season strong, but through the games, the players bonded. Grolman says that the highlight of the season was forming a friendship with her partner Fania Pupko Ginsberg (‘21).

Not only did the girls face challenges on the court. Throughout the season, all players had to juggle being dedicated to a sport with focusing on academics. “It is hard because I have to miss a lot of class time for games,” says Alice Nahmad Sacal (‘19), “I also don’t have as much time to do my homework.” Despite being physically exhausted after a game, the girls still need to return home to face their academic life. Stella Yu (‘21) says, “sometimes after a game, I am really tired, but I still have homework to do. Sometimes I almost fall asleep, but I have to keep working.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 10.34.17 AM
A spot on the gym wall awaits the forthcoming banner to commemorate the Lady Lions’ tennis title.  Photo: Moriah Seymann (‘19)

In honor of the team’s victory, girls tennis will have a banner hung in the gym commemorating their hard work and success. “I feel really honored,” says Yu. After finding this out, Grolman says, “I am really excited and surprised, but mostly I am grateful for my amazing teammates.”

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