A humorous look at some trends that seem to always find their way out from the back of the closet.

By Alex Hansen (’17)

With the application “Trivia Crack” once again sweeping through the school, I began to reflect on trends. They come and they go; some stay longer than some would like, but the word “trend” has an impermanent connotation. As I got to thinking, I realized that many trends, especially those in fashion, come in cycles. Other than DNA, there isn’t much that myself and my mom in the 90’s have in common. Or at least that’s what you might think. What was THE thing for my mom in college is suddenly all the rage for me as I enter the university world, too.

One store’s manikin flaunts the slip dress tend. Photo: Sammi Dorfan (’18)

Take chokers, for example, which David Smith (‘17) finds “weirdly attractive.” There are countless photos of Courtney Cox, Melissa Joan Hart, Drew Barrymore, and other 90’s it girls rocking “tattoo chokers,” thick bands of string, and other ornamental stranglers. Today, as well, chokers are seen on at least every 7.5/10 girl that passes by. Daniella Datnow (‘17) reflects on the necklace: “Overbearing chokers make me uncomfortable.” Keep it minimalist.

Okay, really? The whole wearing a slip dress over t-shirts thing? No one thinks that it’s an effortless, chic look. Those who commit this fashion crime walk out of Brandy Melville even less dignified than when they walked in. Elliot Muller (‘17) agrees and says “I don’t get what look this is trying to achieve. Wear a dress or a shirt. Pick one.”

Scrunchies, Nicole Goldberg (‘17) announces, “are really cute.” Goldberg recommends wearing the glorified hair ties “in a half ponytail” to create a “vintage look.” Robert Goldstein (‘17) also says the 90s trend that is popping up on heads countrywide is “really just a normal hair tie,” but that “not everyone can pull it off.” A very elusive object, indeed.

Whatever the trend- mom jeans, chokers, scrunchies, or slip dresses over t-shirts- some things will be a forever fashion statement while others will fade away into the oblivion of the back of a closet. What trends are we starting now that will make us roll our eyes once our kids start donning them a couple decades later?

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